Advertising Gives Your Business A Profitable Edge.


VIRADS MEDIA is a professional Outdoor Advertising Agency with impressive media and advertising track records in the following;

– Billboard advertising across Nigeria,

– BRT bus branding (both interior and exterior bus wrapping)

– Products / Brand Activation across Nigeria Major Markets.

– In Store Product Promotion and Sales Boosting in Nigeria leading Shopping Malls.

– Lamppost Branding across Nigeria.

– Effective Guerrilla Marketing.

– Media Planning / Advert Budgeting Development.

– TV Advert Film Development (Content drafting, Ad Video Shooting and Ad publishing)

– Social Media Marketing & Digital Advertising.

Virads Media also have expert professionals that can help you handle

– Creative GRAPHIC Design.

– Novelty advertising (items branding like T-shirts, Umbrellas, Caps, Cups, Branded Souvenirs etc)

– Brand Signage Designs & Creations

Are you a business owner and you looking for more customers? Virads Media outdoor advertising agency is ready to manage your advert account.

Whatsapp or Call Us: +2348051158879

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