BRT bus branding is a phenomenon means of mobile advertising in Lagos, Nigeria. This channel of advertising conveys over 1,000 different campaigns monthly since inception. Advertising your products and services on BRT BUSES in Lagos, Nigeria has proven to be the most effective means of outdoor advertising in Lagos because 80% of Lagos residents spend 70% of their day Outdoor and mostly inside traffic.

BRT BUS BRANDING Service cost in Lagos Nigeria

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According to LAMATA a single BRT bus makes an average of 15 trips daily, covering several kilometers daily and conveying over 2,000 passengers daily.

There are four types of BRT BUSES in Lagos and the cost of advertising on each type varies according to the number of buses you want to brand. I will like to enlighten on the types of BRT BUSES available in Lagos, the forms of advertising allowed on each type and their prices.1. The RED LAGBUS – MAINLAND

These are the first set BRT BUSES in Lagos. They cover virtually every major Lagos route: from Ikorodu (Inside) to Ketu to Ojota to Onipanu to Ojuelegba to Stadium Barracks to Costain to Carter Bridge down to CMS – TBS. They are also present in LEKKI Ajah. The RED Lagbus has the widest brandable space of all the three types of BRT BUSES available in Lagos.

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The cost of advertising on the Red BRT bus that shuttles Lagos Mainland is 95,000naira per bus per month excluding Printing and Wrapping Cost.Printing and Wrapping Cost is 40,000naira.

Total cost of advertising on a RED BRT BUS on Lagos Mainland is 135,000naira only, for the first month, while the subsequent month is 95,000naira per bus.

This is the best price you can get for advertising on a RED BRT BUS in Lagos.2. THE RED LAGBUS – ISLAND

The cost of advertising on a RED BRT BUS in Lagos Island is a bit higher than the mainland. The reason is because of the quality of the audience your advert will attract in Lagos Island compare to the mainland.To Advertise On a BRT bus in Lagos Island will cost you 135,000naira per bus per month excluding Printing and Wrapping Cost which is 40,000naira per bus.

Total cost of BRANDING a BRT bus on Lagos Island is 175,000naira for the first month and subsequent month is 135,000naira.


This type of BRT BUSES are more attractive than the RED BUSES I mentioned earlier. They are more mobile and offers more luxury than RED BUSES.They are mainly plying the Ikorodu Road to the TBS corridor. These BUSES are commenter’s favorites because of the comfort it offers.There are two types of advertising you can get on Primero Blue Bus; The Exterior Branding and the Interior Bus Branding.The cost of advertising on the exterior of a Blue Bus is 155,000naira excluding VAT, LASAA and Printing Cost.The cost of printing, wrapping and Lasaa permit is 15,000naira.

Total cost of advertising on Blue Bus is 175,000naira for the first month. Subsequent months is 155,000naira only.

The Cost Of advertising on the Interior of a Blue Bus in Lagos, Nigeria is 95,000naira per bus.About the Interior Bus Branding: This is the form of advertising that allows the back seat of every passenger to be branded with your graphics artwork.The advert space for each back seat is 1feet by 1feet. And Also the Hand Holders are also branded along.


54 average seating capacity. Fully air conditioning and they cover almost the major routes of Lagos state. They are going to face out the old RED BUS very soon.Designed in Brazil by Marcopolo SCANIA, Supplied by VIRTL BRT.

These BUSES are set to make transportation in Lagos more comfortable and luxurious. The prices of advertising on the new BRT buses are 250,000naira (first month) and subsequent months is 220,000 naira


The cost of advertising on the brand new BRT BUS in Lagos is 150,000 naira for the interior and 250,000naira for the exterior.

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