Creating an effective Billboard advertisement is a deliberate and well planned process. It has to be done after considering various factors such as the target audience, the class of residence in the billboard location, the type of vehicles passing through the road at which the billboard is located and so on.
Before the introduction of LASAA – Lagos State Advert Signage Agency, the billboard erection in Lagos, Nigeria was a crowded situation, because there was no enforcement agency on ground to restrict the erection of billboards in Lagos Nigeria.pains ads

In a situation where every major city like New York, is crowded by various branded billboards seeking to grab the same attention of individual readers. More conscious efforts have to be made for your marketing billboard to be effective.

Your Billboard Designs, Billboard Contents and Billboard Artwork are not going to be alone to bring out the catchy result your billboard advertisements required. There are few strategies to consider if you want your billboard advert to be effective anywhere in Nigeria.

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Ecobank Unipole Adverts.
  1. Good choice of Background Color – In a place where many branded billboards are crowded together, contesting for the same individual reader’s attention. Adopted background color for your billboard advert will play a major role in catchy people’s attention through color psychology.
    Color yellow is Warm and welcoming to people’s eyes. It will attract major attention to your billboard mostly during the sunny hours of the day.
    Color Blue is masculine and Bold, Men psychology will single out a Blue Background billboard, among other branded billboards. Blue attracts most men. It will best attract adult men if you plan to market to them. White background and Black Background have also proven effective for billboard background colors. For women, use multiple bright colors.
  2. 2. Make is Simple, Unique and Creative – A billboard with crowded information will make a poor conversion, but when you thoughtfully use a simple image with a unique caption and deliver it with a touch of graphical creativity, your billboard will be effective among others.
  3. guerrilla advertising in Lagos

    3. Night Visibility – Most giant billboards in the city of Lagos are rendered useless when the Night falls. Reason is simple. They lack night visibility or night reflections. If you want to make your billboard advertising to be effective, you must consider how to make it visible during the darkness hours of the day.

    4. Location (putting the right advert, before the right audience) – Billboard location is very important to the effectiveness of your billboard advertisement. Location here means you have to evaluate the types of viewers that will see your advert and the content you are advertising. The major reason why billboard advertisement on Lagos Island is more expensive that the mainland is the buying power of the Lagos island residence. Many brands want to expose their products or services to them, making the competition tighter.

    Another reason why right location determines the effectiveness of your billboard advertisement is; putting the right advert content before the right audience. You don’t put a billboard advert of Porsche Car in front of Bariga, Lagos residences such advert won’t convert a customer no matter how many millions of viewers sees it daily, but if you locate a billboard advert of latest Mosquito Repellant, Affordable Air Freshener etc before Bariga residences, there will be a massive convert from such location.img_20190620_105558-621780952.png

    5. Choice of Billboard Design – There are some brands you won’t ever see them advertised on a Super 48sheets billboard anywhere in Nigeria. So also, are some brands that won’t make it up to Maryland Mall Dragon screen to advertise their products, not that they can’t afford the digital screen advert cost but digital screen is not the best choice for their product types and audience.
    For example, an agro-equipment manufacturer selling Tractors, Grain Millers, Corn Planters etc, won’t advertise on the same giant screen billboard where BMW – Coscharis , Toyota – Elizade or Mercedes Benz Classic will place their advert.

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