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Advertising research is key to determining the success of an advert in any country or region. The ability to identify which elements and moments of an advert placement contribute to its success is how economics of scale are maximized. Once you know what works in an advert, the idea or ideas can be imported by any other market. Market research measures such as flow of attention, flow of emotion and branding moments provides insight into what is working in an ad in any country like Nigeria because the measures are based on visuals not the verbal elements of the adverts.


A foreign advert professional wrote an article i felt like sharing with you.

Billboards are literally everywhere. Consumers have developed a kind of ad blocking sub-conscious mindset. They know where ads will be and they simply ignore them. This is what is called Advert Blindness or Mental Ad blocking.  This is prominent now more than ever, for your advert to be seen, remembered and above all effective, it’s important to change the way you present your adverts (brands, services or products) introduce novelty or better still guerrilla marketing into your advertising.
This simply means the usage of surprises, unexpected and unconventional tactics on a little financial budget to make a lasting impression. Big companies can also use these tactics too, with a bigger budget, and yet their messages would be passed accordingly.

Advertising have all sorts of names for this strategies of advertising: Ambient marketing, Presence marketing or Alternative marketing. But they’re all really the same thing.

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Few examples of advert strategies that will yield positive outdoor advertising result in Nigeria are;
choclates marketingescalatorguerrilla advertising in Lagos

Market Activation: Buyers Interacting Directly with the brand

pains ads

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