Unipole, Gantry, Eyecatcher, Lamp post, Digital Billboard, BRT Bus Branding and Giant Screen are few of the overwhelming outdoor advertising structures designed to steal potential consumers’ attention to boost brand image (reputation) in a mega city like Lagos, Nigeria.

Learn How To Advertise On Major LED Billboards Across Lagos For As Low As 300naira.

The joy of business owners is to make huge returns on every investment (profits). Achieving this awesome success for your brand or business will not come without marketing sacrifices.

Big Screen Billboard At Lekki Tollgate FTF Ajah.

“Are you a business owner or a marketing manager in Nigeria, with great desires to bring your organization to a level beyond your wildest profitability dreams?” VIRADS Media outdoor advertising can be of great help to you.

Then, advertising your products or services, brand or business on big sizes billboards across the major traffic roads of Lagos Metropolis should be part of your marketing strategies for more profits and proper business positioning.

I’m sure you are thinking that running marketing campaigns on big billboards will be too expensive for your Small or Medium Business to afford but Outdoor Advertising on major billboards in Lagos are not as expensive as their first impression reads.

As a matter of fact, this is the best time to take advantage of billboards advertising in Lagos.

5 benefits of Outdoor Advertising in Lagos, using some major billboards as samples.

It’s important you know the actual cost and the benefits of placing your business before the eyes of millions of Lagosians through the use of outdoor advertising. The following are some of the few benefits your business growth stands to gain if you can invest in billboard advertising.

  1. Good Brand Reputation:

In a city known for her spirit of hustling and a huge percentage of dubious business products or service. Putting your business on a major billboard will send a signal of good brand reputation to your potential customers. People always believe that only big time businesses has the financial capacity to afford big billboards advertising.


2. Increase Your Brand Trust.
Few years ago when both Jumia and Konga ecommerce stores launched, at the same time that many Nigerians were skeptical about getting scammed from making purchases online or exposing their debits cards on the websites they don’t trust.

Although, these two companies had already invested greatly into internet advertisements, but nonetheless, they also had to make huge investments into outdoor advertising basically for the purpose of increasing their brand trusts in the psyche of Nigerians. This strategy works tremendously for them.

A Big screen located inside one of Lagos Malls.

3. Your Brand Perception Attains The Image Of A Multinational

If you want to pay Google to advertise your products or services for you. Either by paying per impression (PPV) or paying per click (CPC), there is something called Keywords cost. Many deep pockets businesses had taken possession of some major keywords. For you to get ranked using this same keywords then you must have to outbid them.


Same thing is applicable to outdoor advertising with big billboards in a major city like Lagos, Nigeria. If your brand can secure an exposure on a major billboard, people will perceive your brand as a multinational even if you are just a few month old company.

Dragon Digital Screen, Located At Maryland Mall.

4. Overwhelming Attention

When Airtel Nigeria was first launched few years ago, one of the outdoor advertising investments they made was to secure a stand-alone massive billboard that was strategically located at Oworonsoki junction. Facing traffic from the Third Mainland Bridge. Anytime from 4pm, this billboard forcefully grabs the attention of millions of Lagosians stuck in the closing hour’s traffic jam, while returning from Lagos Island.

A Billboard Advertising Facing A Stand-Still Traffic In Lagos.

5. Huge Positive Returns On Investment (Profits)

This benefit need no further explanations. According to a research, over 70% of Lagosians spend more than 12hours of their day outdoor. It’s either they are battling through a traffic or waiting at the motor park to join a bus.
Outdoor advertising such as BRT bus branding and billboard advertising are the most efficient forms of advertising to capture Lagosians attentions.

Unilag Billboard FTF 3rd Mainland Bridge Lagos.

How To Get The Cheapest Advert Rate On Major Billboards In Lagos.

The average monthly cost of a standard Unipole billboard as shown in the pciture below is 650,000naira (excluding printing and wrapping cost), while the average monthly cost for a standard Eyecatcher and Gantry (images below) facing high traffic every day in the Lagos are 500,000naira and 450,000naira respectively.

Example of Unipole Billboard.

The above mentioned types of billboards are the most effective form of outdoor advertising after the likes of big digital screens and BRT BUS BRANDING.

However, If you want your business to enjoy a very cheap rate: up to 50% discount on exposing your business (products or services) on any of the mentioned billboards types. You have to go through an APCON certified advertising agency registered here in Lagos.

This advertising agency will be your mouthpiece for negotiating the best outdoor advertising deals for your company.

The mistake many business owners or marketing managers of companies do make is by going directly to billboards owners without a Professional covering.


Virads Media is a registered outdoor advertising and online marketing media agency with professional qualifications enough to negotiate good outdoor advertising rates for your next outdoor campaigns via Billboards Advertising, BRT Bus Branding, Lampposts, Digital LED advertising and effective Online Marketing campaigns.

Are you looking for an affordable outdoor advertising rates?

We can help your small or medium business secure good advertising rates on over 50 giant billboards here in Lagos. Just contact us and the rest will be taking over without sweat.

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