Cost of Advertising on new Lagos BRT BUS BRANDING
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With N85,000 per month instead of N250,000 standard rate, you can now brand a LAGBUS at no extra cost or hidden service charges.

The effectiveness of BRT bus branding in Lagos, needs no introduction, but the cost of running an effective campaign with LAGBUS (big red buses), has clearly shown that the service is majorly for the (big boys) businesses with huge advert budgets.

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However, the era of Big Brands swallowing Small or Upcoming Brands through their usage of effective brand awareness campaigns will soon be gone in Nigeria; with the helpful services from a leading Brand Awareness Agency named Virads Media.

Virads media is driven by the passion of enabling SME businesses achieve massive and effective business exposures with very low advert/ marketing budgets.

In a bid to help your Small or Medium business gain successful outdoor promotions and reputations during the coming festive season, Virads media innovative team introduces a cost effective service that will help your business grow more sales in Lagos and its environs.

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Lagos BRT BUS BRANDING Service Cost
Virads Media Advertising Works

Disclaimer: This service is neither a brain-child nor a service rendered by LAGBUS Asset Management Limited, but it is a service introduced, rendered and managed by Virads Media using LAGBUS (Big Red Buses) only. Negotiation is still on-going with the Blue buses managed by Primero Transport Services Limited.

Requirements and Conditions for branding a BRT Bus.

– NAFDAC approval certificate will also be required if the product is a consumable good.

– Advert artworks, images, logos and advert designs must be submitted in CorelDraw format (.cdr). If you have none, our professional graphics designer can help you create a perfect one for just N18,000 only.

– The minimum duration for an advert campaign with this service is 30days, while the minimum number of BRT buses an advertiser can brand per campaign is 3.

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How This Service Works

BRT bus advertising service for SME and Startups is a “CO-SHARING” bus branding method, designed in a way that will deliver more advert impressions and marketing goals for any advertiser that adopt this method to run his/her Branding awareness campaign.

Virads media co-sharing bus branding innovation works in a way that maximum of 3 “Non-Competitive” brands will use one BRT bus to advertise their brands or services across the 3 dimensions spaces available on the bus.

The dimensions are as follows:
– The Driver Side.
– The Entrance Side.
– The Back Side.

The 3 advertisers will have their advert placement across the 3 dimensions on each bus, using a minimum of 3 different BRT buses to run their campaigns.
In a way that, the advert placement of Advertiser 1 on Bus 1 will appear on the Back Side. The advert placement of Advertiser 2 on the same Bus 1, will appear on the Right Side.
While, the advert placement of Advertiser 3 on the same Bus 1, will appear on the Left Side.

For Bus 2 (on a different route), advert placement of Advertiser 1 will appear on the Left Side, while that of Advertiser 2 will appear on the Right Side and Advertiser 3 advert will be on the Back drop and so on.

It’s our sole responsibility to prevent competitive brands or advertisers from co-sharing the same bus. And also, it is our responsibility to monitor adverts of our clients.

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